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Bedbugs Fact file for treating Bedbugs
Treatment Type: Insecticide spray
Number of visits: 1-5
Cost: request a quote
Response Time: Same Day/Next day
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Signs of a Bedbug

  • Bite marks: Generally found around ankles and head.
  • Blood spots: Small black spots 0.5 mm round found on mattress sheets and headboard.
  • Bedbugs: Found on sheets and around mattress seam behind headboard under draws behind picture frames light switches etc.
  • Eggs: Mostly found around headboard and mattress seams.

Life Cycle

  • Incomplete Metamorphosis: Egg followed by Nymph stage moulting five times before emerging as an Adult. Can live up to 18 months average age 6-9 Months. Female bedbugs can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime.
  • Eggs: milky white colour size 1 mm length.
  • Size: Adult 4-5mm
  • Colour: Reddish brown

If you're a resident of Norwich, Norfolk and need assistance for the safe removal of Bedbugs, please call Norwich Pest Control on 01603 744556, or send an email.

Bedbug - Cimex Lectularius

Bedbugs are active mostly when its dark, they feed on blood from there human host biting around the head /shoulders and ankle/leg areas.

Bedbugs are attracted to the exhaled carbon dioxide and body heat of the host. Bites are not usually noticed until hours later.

After feeding they return to there hiding place. Black blood spots can be observed around the mattress and headboard, Bedbugs can climb walls and tend to live around the host area but well-established infestations bedbugs can be found almost in any crack or crevice high or low.

DIY Pest Control

If you're considering treating the pest problem yourself, here are some pointers to bear in mind

  • Our pest control treatments are fit for purpose, and far stronger than any off the shelf treatments. Similar to off the shelf medicines, a prescription drug from your GP would be significantly stronger and more effective
  • Our treatments are effective and affected areas are treated by trained staff
  • Off the shelf treatments will most likely be temporary at best. Hiring a pest control company will save you money in the long term.