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Cluster Flies Fact file for treating Cluster Flies
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Signs of flies

  • Inside: Generally seen in trails scurrying around the floor perimeters of kitchen bases and surface worktops, walls and floor areas.
  • Nests: Ants will set-up home almost in any place from outside patio areas to cavity walls cracks and crevices. Nests are usually a complex of tunnel networks made from soil and organic debris.
Life Cycle
  • Complete Metamorphosis: Egg followed by Laval stage changing to Pupae stage before emerging as an Adult.
  • Eggs: Laid in autumn on soil and under leaves.
  • Larvae: Parastic-bores into earthworms and hibernates through winter. In spring after about 10 weeks the larva eats through the worms' body then pupates.
  • Pupa: Hatches in approx 6 weeks.
  • Size: Adult 6 – 10 mm.
  • Colour: Dark grey chequered with spiky hairs.

If you're a resident of Norwich, Norfolk and need assistance for the safe removal of Cluster Flies, please call Norwich Pest Control on 01603 744556, or send an email.

Clusterfly − Pollenia rudis

Cluster Flies only become a pest in late summer/early autumn when it hibernates due to temperature changes. Hibernating high up in roof voids and around window frames usually found on the south facing side of the building. Large numbers of flies sometimes in the thousands can be observed on sunny external walls of the property. These flies are catching the warmth of the sun before entering the loft area.

Central heating turned on in the colder months causes the temperature to rise bringing the flies out of hibernation and through light.

DIY Pest Control

If you're considering treating the pest problem yourself, here are some pointers to bear in mind

  • Our pest control treatments are fit for purpose, and far stronger than any off the shelf treatments. Similar to off the shelf medicines, a prescription drug from your GP would be significantly stronger and more effective
  • Our treatments are effective and affected areas are treated by trained staff
  • Off the shelf treatments will most likely be temporary at best. Hiring a pest control company will save you money in the long term.